Monday, May 01, 2006

Moving to

Hey peeps. I am moving my blog to
I hope you will change the link address to that address.
Thanks :)

Hidden conspiracies

Saturday, April 22, 2006

India's traffic situation?

Do you think you're a good driver?
Well, I am sure they're better than you.
No wonders I always notice the Indian workers near my areas doesn't care if there's any car approaching.
Now I understand :p

Election time everywhere

This is going to be about something that I have no interest in, politics.
Seems like Singapore is getting busy soon with their General Election on 6th May.
And in Sarawak, we're also going to have our state general election.
If you've experienced how the election in Malaysia was. You will surely smile right now.
Well, this is the time when you can see the politicians come down and shake hands with the civilians like you and me. They'll even go to long houses in rural areas to gain the people's support.
There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's a good thing.
And you will see there's so many flyers hanging from electric polls to another electric polls that shows the reps and their party's logo. For me, that is a waste of paper. There are so many things can be done with the fund, maybe charity or for education purpose?
There's so many schools that can use that amount of money to get new books for their library.
And there's an interesting blog by a fellow blogger, Uchu keling shares his thought of the political issues.

(photo courtesy of Uchu Keling)

And in this photo, you can definitely can see the statistic shows how people have very low sense of trust towards politicians, no matter where they are from around the world.
The politicians in Malaysia is the second lowest after UK.
Guess, I should not be a politician if I want to proceed with my personal wealth building plan. Lol!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

East Coast Park Escapade

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It's a long postpone because I promised to upload some of the photos that I took last weekend.

The beach here reminds me of Air Papan in Johore. The water is clear. But the beach here is a bit polluted. I think it's because of the ships not far away from the shore.

But then, there's still a lot of people come here during weekends and also public holidays.
The place is nice, and you also can ride bicycle here if you want to pay S$6/hr for it or if you're rugged, you should try the inline skate, which the shop owners there rent for S$3/ hr.

Since we're in the mood to play with the water that day, we didn't bother to ride bicycle or the inline skate.
It was a fun experience. I wanna come here again soon :)
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mundane week

It's been a mundane week at work. Nothing exciting happened.
During the Good Friday holiday, I just stay at home whole day.
That's really boring, isn't it?
Well, I only went out at night, just to do some important matter. Like, buying dinner. Lol!
It's sunday today, and I am actually just came back from the east coast beach park to celebrate Daniel's girlfriend's birthday.
She brought along her friends. Most are pretty girls, hehe!
Well, we went swimming and took some photos(I'll upload them tomoro).
We also have so many delicious food prepared by the girls.
Maybe I should consider any of them as my future wife. Hehe.